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If you want to build a new patio or make an outdoor play area for the kids, don’t let a stubborn stump get in the way. 

At Douglas Tree Service, we have specialized equipment that will reduce that stump to mulch so you can convert the area into a usable space.

If you’re looking for a professional Stump Grinding service provider in the Lancaster County area, give a call today or fill out our contact form and submit it to us.

Our stump grinding process is effective because we’ll:

Grind the stump to your desired height (usually between six to ten inches underground).

Level the ground so you can lay new sod or soil in the stump’s place. 

Douglas Tree Service in Lancaster Pa.

Stump Grinding in Lancaster Pa| Douglas Tree Service

Every stump grinding project is different so we will come out and evaluate it and give you a quote to remove it.
It is cheaper if no clean up is involved. The grindings can be used as mulch on your property, or we can haul it away. 
Other considerations:

  • are their spider roots that run from the trunk and stick up in the yard 
  • how high is to tree base sitting out of the ground from buttress roots
  •  is mulch piled high on the trunk
  •  is the ground covered in rocks, which is hard on the grinder teeth and create more of a hazard becoming projectiles. 
  •  Are we bringing in soil and seeding.
(717) 538-8762
  • Average price to grind a stump is $150
  • Its cheaper to grind stump if no cleanup is involved
  • Our grinder will fit thru 36″ gates
  • Most tree services do not bundle stump grinding with tree removal
  • Estimates are free

General Pricing Information

Stumps are priced based primarily on their size in width at the soil line (ground level), but other variables may apply as well.

Additional charges may apply for circumstances including: chasing roots, going deeper than 6” under soil line, stumps taller than 6” above soil line, debris such as rocks or metal.

We price separately for clean up and hauling mulch and a separate one for soil and seed. This gives you price options.


Hiring our professionals can help you save money, time, and energy.  
If you also need some trees removed or trimmed on your property we have a lot of valuable information for homeowners on our website to help with understanding the tree service process. 
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