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Revitalize Your Garden: Achieve Thriving Plants with Expert Plant Health Care

Douglas Tree Service doesn’t just trim trees – we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to insect and disease management.

We’re passionate about maintaining the health and vitality of your greenery while minimizing our environmental footprint. 

With a personalized approach, we provide expert advice and tailored treatment plans to ensure your landscape thrives. Because when your outdoor space flourishes, so do we.

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Comprehensive Plant Health Care Services to Ensure Lush, Vibrant Growth

Douglas Tree Service offers specialized plant health care to transform your garden into a flourishing oasis. 

Our services include disease and pest management, soil analysis, and nutrient optimization to promote robust plant growth. 

With our expert care, your plants will thrive, creating a lush, vibrant landscape that enhances the beauty and value of your property. 

Trust us to provide the knowledge and attention your garden needs for lasting health and vitality.

Our Plant Health Care Services

Our plant health care service is focused on the well-being and maintenance of plants, trees, and landscapes.

These services typically include a range of activities aimed at promoting the health, vitality, and longevity of plants in residential, commercial, or public spaces.

Some common services offered by plant health care providers may include:

  1. Diagnosis and Assessment: Our experienced professionals assess the condition of plants, identify diseases, pests, and other issues affecting their health.
  2. Treatment and Prevention: Based on the diagnosis, appropriate treatments are applied to control pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies. Additionally, preventive measures may be implemented to minimize future problems.
  3. Pruning and Trimming: Regular pruning and trimming help maintain the shape, structure, and overall health of plants. This also promotes proper growth and flowering.
  4. Fertilization: Providing plants with essential nutrients through fertilization ensures they have the necessary resources for healthy growth and development.
  5. Tree Care: Specialized services for tree health may include pruning, disease treatment, root management, and tree risk assessment

Ensuring the health and vitality of your plants can be a complex and ongoing challenge without professional plant health care services.

Neglected plant health can lead to a variety of problems, such as:

  • Plants becoming susceptible to diseases and pests, causing extensive damage.
  • Poor soil conditions that hinder plant growth and overall health.
  • Nutrient deficiencies that result in weak, underdeveloped plants.
  • An unattractive garden that fails to enhance the beauty of your property.

Douglas Tree Service provides expert plant health care services to maintain and improve the health of your plants, ensuring they thrive.


  • Disease and Pest Management: Our specialists identify and treat diseases and pest infestations promptly, preventing further damage.
  • Soil Analysis and Optimization: We analyze soil conditions and make necessary amendments to promote healthy plant growth.
  • Nutrient Management: Proper nutrient management ensures your plants receive the essential elements needed for robust growth and development.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Healthy, vibrant plants significantly improve the appearance of your garden, increasing your property’s curb appeal and value.
  • Long-Term Plant Health: Regular care and maintenance ensure the long-term health and vitality of your plants, creating a sustainable and beautiful landscape.


Plant Health Care Program

Embarking on a transformative journey to nurture the vitality of your plants, we meticulously tend to the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs. 

Our carefully curated approach involves a harmonious blend of seasonal fertilizers, oils, insecticides, and fungicides, precisely tailored to strengthen your green companions against pests and various environmental challenges. 

Executed through our meticulously planned six-visit seasonal schedules, our dedicated efforts aim to cultivate a thriving ecosystem, fostering the growth of your arboreal and shrubbery assets.

All tasks are expertly carried out by our skilled team of applicators, ensuring optimal care and results.

Our Services:


Plant Health Care

At our service, we don’t just glance over your greenery; we meticulously pinpoint the threats lurking around your trees and shrubs.

Our expert team devises precise plans tailored to your garden’s needs, ensuring proactive measures against pesky insects and harmful diseases.

 Through strategic seasonal treatments, we fortify your plant material, deterring any potential harm from taking root and safeguarding your outdoor haven.

Proper Pruning

Pruning isn’t just about snipping away at branches; it’s about sculpting nature’s beauty.

By selectively removing branches from trees and shrubs, we’re not only enhancing their health but also elevating their aesthetics.

 Safety and space management also come into play, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with our surroundings.

But the key to effective pruning lies in following the ANSI A300 standards, guiding us towards precision and excellence in our horticultural endeavors. 

So, the next time you contemplate pruning, remember, it’s not just about cutting, it’s about crafting.

We offer the following types of pruning for trees and shrubs:

  • Maintenance pruning
  • Crown cleaning, reduction, and raising
  • Deadwood pruning to eliminate storm damage and other hazards
  • Structural pruning
  • Vista pruning

Treatments applied to a tree, such as pruning and fertilizing, can influence the appearance and vitality of the underlying turf grass.

The care of each plant in a landscape can affect the health of every plant in that landscape.

Targeted Pest Treatments

At our company, safeguarding your landscape is our specialty, and we do it with a natural touch.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each property, we tailor our solutions to fit individual challenges. 

Our team of experts carefully assesses your pest situation to make well-informed decisions.

By employing a targeted approach, we minimize the use of pesticides, applying them only where necessary. 

Furthermore, we utilize effective products and introduce beneficial insects to ensure a solution that preserves the health and natural beauty of your landscape.

Trust us to protect your outdoor space with care and expertise.

Douglas Tree Service will help you with treating all your insect and disease infestations including:

  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Woolly Aldegid
  • Bag Worms
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Tent Caterpillars
  • Lantern Flies
  • Azalea Lacebug
  • Anthracnose on Dogwoods or Sycamores
  • Apple scab on crabapples
  • Apple Cedar Rust on hawthorns and junipers
  • And More!

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